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Jacto PH 400 SA Hooded Boom Sprayer
Net Weight (Empty) 463 lbs
Tank Capacity 105 Gallons
Tank Material Polyethylene
Dimensions - Length 59 inches
Dimensions - Width with Wings Up 60-78 inches
Dimensions - Width with Wings Down 96-120 inches
Dimensions - Height 56 inches
Filter Model FVS-100
Filter Mesh 60
Agitation Hydraulic
Pump model JP402
Pump Capacity 10 gpm
Pump Power Consumption 1.1 hp
Pump Piston Quantity 3
Control Model CJ-1
Nozzle Type Deflector/Flat Fan
Nozzle Model DEF-015 / SF-110-015
Nozzle Quantity 5
Recommended Maximum Nozzle Pressure 30 psi
Spray Swath - Length with Boom Folded Down 8 - 10 ft
Spray Swath - Length with Boom Folded Up 5 to 7 ft
Optional Electric Spray Controls Available
Maximum PTO Speed 540 rpm
Maximum Power Consumption 2 hp
Minimum Recommended Tractor 30 hp and above
Minimum Required 3-Point Lift Capacity 1,500 lbs
Recommended Maximum Working Speed 1 to 4 mph

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PH400SA Herbicide

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