Jacto Hooded Boom Sprayer

Excellent and efficient!


Jacto offers the most complete line of Airblast and Cannon sprayers of any manufacturer in
 the industry. We offer eight three-point, and one trailed Cannon models; eight basic models of Airblast sprayers that can be customized to over twenty different configurations; three Air-Assist boom sprayers; and rounding out the line is the tractor mounted PH400 SA hooded herbicide boom sprayer.


Jacto offers a complete line of manual backpack sprayers for farm, professional landscapers, pest control or home use. PJHCD400O/WPJ16HD400O/WHD400BLSP312SP416,and the XP Series: XP12, XP312, XP16, XP416. From heavy duty to commercial duty Jacto has what you need.

ph 400 sa

PH400SA Herbicide

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