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Jacto J1000 Cannon Sprayer
Net Weight (Empty) 1,565 lbs
Tank Capacity 265 Gallons
Tank Material Fiberglass
Dimensions - Length 150 inches
Dimensions - Width 53 inches
Dimensions - Height 98 inches
Dimensions - Ground Clearance 10 inches
Axle Tracking
Filter Model FVS-100
Filter Mesh 60
Agitation Mechanical and hydraulic
Pump model JP75
Pump Capacity 20 gpm
Pump Power Consumption 5.3 hp
Control Model MF-2000 Masterflow 2x2
Fan Rotation 3,030 rpm
Fan Air Volume 5,445 cfm
Fan Air Speed 171 mph
Fan Power Consumption 20 hp
Spray Swath - Without Wind up to 80 feet
Outlet Duct Control


Spray Controls Electric
Optional Duct Extension Kit 24 inch
Maximum PTO Speed 540 rpm
Maximum Power Consumption 25 hp
Minimum Recommended Tractor 50 hp and above
Recommended Maximum Working Speed 1.5 to 4 mph