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Jacto ARBUS Sapphire Airblast Sprayer
Net Weight (Empty) 1,543 lbs
Tank Capacity 530 Gallons
Tank Material Fiberglass
Control Valve Manual with cables
Dimensions - Length 175 inches
Dimensions - Width 60 to 73 inches
Dimensions - Height axle in high position 80 inches
Axle Type flip over with adjustable height and  track width
Axle Track Width 55 to 61 inches
Axle ground clearance 8 or 15 inches
Tire Size 11L-15 10-ply
Filter Model FVS-200
Filter Mesh 24/40
Pump Model JP-190
Pump Capacity 50 gpm
Pump Power Consumption 10.8 hp at 300 psi
Pump Piston Quantity 3
Nozzle holder Type bi-jet double nozzle holder, anti-drip
Ceramic Nozzle Model 18 AD6/AC23 & 18 AD4/AC56
Nozzle Quantity 36 18 per size
Recommended Maximum Nozzle Pressure 300 psi
Level Indicator Graduated Clear Hose
Agitation Mechanical and hydraulic
Fan Diameter 33 inches 2-port
Fan Rotation 2,050 rpm
Fan Air Volume 50,853 cfm
Fan Air Speed 78 mph
Fan Power Consumption 38 hp
Maximum PTO Speed 540 rpm
Maximum Power Consumption 40 hp
Recommended Tractor Size 80 hp and above
Recommended Working Speed 1 to 4 mph


Options Available
  • Electric control valves available
  • 2" Tank quick fill
  • 21.5L X 16.1 tire/wheel combo

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