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Jacto ARBUS 270 Airblast Sprayer
Net Weight (Empty) 399 lbs
Tank Capacity 70 Gallons
Tank Material Polyethylene
Dimensions - Length 39 inches
Dimensions - Width 41
Dimensions - Height 45 inches
Filter Model FVS-100
Filter Mesh 60
Pump Model JP-50
Pump Capacity 13 gpm
Pump Power Consumption 3.2 at 400 psi
Pump Piston Quantity 3
Pressure Guage glycerin filled
Control CJ-8
Nozzle Type bijet double nozzle holder
Ceramic Nozzle Model AD4/AC23 - AD4/AC25
Nozzle Quantity With 24
Recommended Mazimum Nozzle Pressure 200 psi
Level Indicator Graduated Clear Hose
Agitation Hydraulic With Venturi
Fan Diameter 24 inches
Fan Rotation 2,000 rpm
Fan Air Volume 14,493 cfm
Fan Air Speed 83 mph
Fan Power Consumption 8.7 hp
Additional Equipment Specifications
Maximum PTO Speed 540 rpm Maximum Power Consumption 12 hp
Minimum Recommended Tractor 22 hp Recommended Maximum Working Speed 4 mph


Options Available
  • Electric spray control valves

* Specifications subject to change without notice.