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Jacto Advance Vortex Specifications
Net Weight (empty) 4,718 lbs
Tank Capacity 800 Gallons
Tank Material Polyethylene
Chem Circuit Rinse Tank Capacity 53 gallon
Chem Circuit Rinse Tank Material Polyethylene
Demensions - Ground Clearance 22 inches
Dimensions - Length 215 inches
Dimensions - Width 118 inches
Dimensions - Height 142 inches
Dimensions - Track Width 71 to 87 inches
Agitation Mechanical/hydraulic
Filter Model FVS-200
Filter Mesh 24/40
Pump Model JP-150
Pump Capacity 40 gpm
Pump Maximum Working Pressure 300 psi
Pump Power Comsumption 5.6 hp at 300 psi
Nozzle Type Bijet Double Nozzle Holder
Nozzle Model JA-2 (Cone)/ADI 110-02 Flat
Nozzle Quantity 37
Nozzle Recommended Maximum Pressure JA-2 (200 psi).AXI 110-02 (60)
Nozzle Spacing 20 inches
Boom Length 60 ft
Boom Actuation Hydraulic
Boom Height 24 to 61 inches
Fan Rotation, maximum 3,000 rpm
Fan Air Volume 23,555 cfm
Fan Air Speed 61 mph, adjustable
Fan Power Consumption 25 hp
Hydraulic Pump Capacity 18.5 gpm
Hydraulic Pump Rotation 1,550 rpm
Hydraulic Pump Oil Type ISO VG-68
Hydraulic Pump Oil Reservoir Capacity 20 gallon
Fan Power Consumption 25 hp
Maximum Power Consumption 34 hp
Working Speed up to 7.5 mph
Accessories available Foam Marker, 2" Quick Fill
Recommended Tractor Size 90 hp and above